For the longest time I wanted to build a magic mirror and I finally got around to it. This was particularly challenging since my Fiancee said it cant just be a "boring" rectangle and needs to match our decor. In order to get the cool oval shape I had to build a special jig I attached the router to in order to cut out the mirror and the wood frame. It worked surprisingly well. I also did not want the mirror on 24/7 so I connected a motion sensor to the Raspberry Pi that runs the mirror so when you walk up to it the monitor tursn on revealing our calendar, news, and to-do list. I recently added a crypocurency module so I can be dissapointed everytime I walk by. 😛

I decided to use a tv wall mounting kit in order to hide the wire. This gives it a much more natural and clean installation. I used an oil paint for the frame to give it a nice smooth and glossy finish. Makes it feel a bit more high end. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and so is my better half. I've already received a request from a friend! Though its a great learning experience for anyone who wants to play around with some cool tech toys.