Whole Foods 365

Whole Foods 365

Shopping Enhanced by Augmented Reality 

We teamed up with Whole Foods to create an experience for SXSW 2018 to demonstrate how augmented reality can enhance and compliment the grocery shopping experience. Our vision was to surface connections between products and lifestyles to reveal serendipities. The experience connects people to products they love based on what it knows about their shopping and dietary preferences. It strikes a balance between convenience and discovery by leveraging smart data to surface the right products at the right time and even when to reach outside of the stores offerings to find what users are looking for. 





Working closely with Whole Foods 365 brand we set out to utilize AR and specifically iOS ARkit to demonstrate that AR can be much more than a gimmick and can be utilized to really enhance the experience of shopping. By looking at interactions by various distances, 25ft, 10ft, and 1ft were able to orient the user to the space and serve personalized content based on their profile and shopping list and their proximity to products in the store.


From the greatest distance the user gets a type of birds eye view of the store. This shows the location of the store departments and how many items from their list are within each. This is also an opportunity to show the locations of what they call "friends" or other vendors they team up with within their stores. The design was kept very much on brand using their fun font and bright color palette. Moments of interaction utlilizes 3d iconography in the AR space to bring the icons to life and delight with subtle animations. 


At a reduced distance of less than 25ft the user is served content that is more assisting, helping them locate items placement within aisles and on shelves and to push them personalized promotions based on their list. In this example they are shopping for wine and a path appears on the ground. Following this path they are lead to a wine display that has several specials that match their list item. They can also be nudged toward other products that compliment each other  like a pasta or some cheese. Its these sort of moments that bring a fun and discovery to something most grocery shoppers don't entirely enjoy.


At the closest proximity or product level we used image recognition to scan product barcodes and reveal personalized product information in the AR space. We quickly show how the product meets the users dietary preferences letting them know if something is good for them, or if they might want to avoid it. We also rendered 3d models of the product to reinforce the scanned product and used animation to bring it to life. They can then tap on a category icon and learn more about the products nutritional info or related products and recipes.



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