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Business View: A Power Tool to Grow on

Business View’s vision for the future is to expand their offering to smaller merchants and less trained individuals. The aim was to establish the product as a “hook” by demonstrating the value of the product as more than the necessary plumbing powering their POS terminals. It needed to be simple enough for small merchants and powerful enough for industry giants.

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Global Payments


Global Payments and its Business View tool historically served internal users or highly-trained individuals in dedicated roles within medium to large customer companies. Small merchant customers were being ignored and they were losing market share to the likes of square and experiential competitors. We set out to change that.


The new Business View needed to provide contextual training opportunities to slowly introduce new users to new concepts. It also neded to show the user trends and insights to support decision making and drive home the value of the data. We designed a more personal experience with a dashboard that would "roll-up" information using the individuals industry, role and experience level, while showing the right information at the right time.

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