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The Cure for design fatigue

Anticipatory design goes beyond personalization, it utilizes data to make decisions on behalf of the user. With the growing ubiquity of data and user trust, this philosophy was our guiding principal on this project and is becoming standard practice for all mobile experiences. Decisions? So 2014.

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State Farm tapped us to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional insurance apps to discover more efficient ways that mobile and emerging technologies can increase customer reinvestment and incentive. The Pocket Agent project was a  huge success and strong foundation moving into the second phase.


Focusing the entire State Farm digital offering around users’ accounts will enable an interconnected, holistic experience. This centralized approach can be applied across a single- or multi-app ecosystem.

No matter where or how users log in, they will discover exciting information based on their account, context, and preferences. How very neighborly.

sf item inventory

Organizing your whole home doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With simple ways to add, organize, and analyze valuables. Utilizing a broad range of technology, from email integration to object recognition, you can rest assured that you’ve captured every last item.


Backed by a loyalty strategy and learning algorithms, this isn’t just a book of coupons, but a robust, useful platform of rewards. Discover rewards throughout the app based on your context and preferences, plus points and tiers just for customers. Pocket Agent consistently offers rewards you love to use, giving you a reason to come back day after day.

sf auto estimate

Now, you can get an instant estimate based on a single photo. No more fretful anticipation or dubious pricing. And this revolutionary tech will also be remarkably easy to use. Reap the benefits of your shared data by allowing Pocket Agent to take care of all your post-accident headaches. This is the epitome of anticipatory design.




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